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Bugwere Kingdom gets new leader

Bethel | 95timefm

By Afayo Shadrach Bethel

Bugwere Kingdom has finally got a new cultural leader months after the death of His Highness John Crytzom Wayabire who passed on in February this year.

Goefrey Wayabire the son to the late Ikumbania His Wayabire was declared as the new cultural leader of Bugwere Kingdom on the 14th July 2022.

This comes after two contenders vying for the same throne stepped down pending a decision from the Elder’s Council for a constitutional review before electing a new leader.

Speaking to journalists yesterday at wash wills hotel in mbale, His highness Geofrey thanked the two contenders Joshua Musimami and Mubala Samaku for choosing to step down and harmonize with the Elders Council of Bugwere Kingdom for the good of the cultural institution, he vowed to effectively work for the growth and development of the Kingdom as well as unite the people of Bugwere in general.