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At least 134 people killed in road accidents

By: Melanie Aanyu

The number of deaths due to road crashes increased last week despite heavy and joint police and military crackdown on errant motorists.

At least 134 people were killed in road accidents in the last two weeks, according to police statistics. At least 77 people died last week and 57 died the previous week.

The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety spokesperson, Ms Faridah Nampiima, attributed the cause of accidents to the rainy season, reckless driving and using wrong lanes.

Last week, the police launched an operation dubbed “Towa fujjo barabarani”, loosely translated as ‘we are removing impunity from the roads’.

Although the operation targets all motorists, the focus was placed on errant drivers of government vehicles, who use wrong lanes and break other traffic regulations with impunity.

Ms Nampiima said 700 private and 33 government vehicles were impounded for breaking the traffic regulations last week in Kampala Metropolitan Area alone.

She said 209 motorists were using wrong lanes while 524 had illegal lights.