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Animal Quarantine imposed in Manafwa to curb Anthrax

By Melanie Aanyu,

Authorities in Manafwa district have imposed a temporal quarantine following the outbreak of anthrax in Bududa district.

Bududa district confirmed the outbreak of the disease after samples from the Uganda Virus Research Institute returned positive.

One person has since died and thirteen others hospitalized after eating meat of dead animals suspected to have died of anthrax.
Over 10 ten animals have also been confirmed dead.

According to a notice, issued by the Manafwa District Chief Administrative Officer Peter Henry Wotunya, there is a temporal quarantine imposed on the district following a resolution from the stakeholders meeting from the three districts of Namisindwa, Manafwa and Bududa which border each other

The CAO has now directed that all cattle markets in thee district be closed, no movement of animals or animal products in and out of Manafwa district and there will be no slaughtering of cattle, goats, sheep and pigs during the time of quarantine.

Bududa district has also tentatively halted the sale of animals in the open markets and also no movement of animals in and out of the district.

According to WHO guidelines, infected animals may present with high fever, muscle tremors, and difficulty in breathing seen shortly before the animal collapses and dies.

Unclotted blood may exude from all the natural openings and the body may not stiffen after death.