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14.7% Of Ugandans Are Living In Extreme Poverty

Bethel | 95timefm

By Melanie Aanyu

A total of 6.2million representing 14.7% of the country’s estimated 42 million people are in extreme poverty, the Multi-dimensional poverty index report by the Uganda Bureau of Standards has indicated.

According to the UBOS Executive Director, Dr.Chris Mukiza, the survey quoting the 2019/20 Uganda National Household Survey interviewed 13851 households on four parameters including education, health, living standards and empowerment as indicators of poverty, other than basing on only income.

He explained that whereas in the past, poverty was being measured in terms of incomes only, with the multi-dimensional index approach, a lot of things are considered, noting even if one is above the poverty line but lacks in the other aspects, they are deemed poor.

According to the report Karamoja and Acholi are the poorest regions in the country, whereas Buganda, Ankole and Kigezi are the least poor.

Sate Minister for Finance in charge of planning, Amos Lugoloobi said the report will now inform government decisions on how to fight poverty among Ugandans